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Senior Living Information Video Series

Have you been thinking about a move to senior living for yourself or a senior loved one?  Are you confused by all the information and senior living options that are available, and just don’t know where to start?  Let me share with you a resource that can assist you with the questions that you may have.

Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida is a trusted partner for helping find the best senior living option.  They realize that moving to senior living may not the right for some seniors right now. However, it is a good time to start planning, gathering information and exploring options. With that in mind, Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida has developed an informational video series to help seniors and families start planning for a move to senior living.

Each video is approximately 5-7 minutes long and will help answer many questions families and seniors may have.  After reviewing the videos, please reach out to Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida and they will help guide you and be your partner to explore senior living options.

Once the decision is made to make a move, I will be there to support you in selling and staging your home.


Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida