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What do to with Mom or Dad during Covid-19! Senior Advisors to the rescue!

You are now ready to move mom or dad into an assisted living when Covid-19 arrives and you don’t know what to do.

I know you had someone in mind to declutter their home. You might have also hired a realtor to market and sell the house. Hopefully the company you hired is licensed to do both. Much easier having a “one-stop shop.” Maybe you haven’t found one yet!

Please don’t panic. There is always a solution.

Did you know there are advisors who provide information on Senior Living?

What they do is:

. give an in depth consultation to identify personal preferences – normally this is a free consultation

. Discuss financial options, location and other care needs

. Provide a personalized list of local housing options

. Set up and tour communities with the family and mom or dad or both. At this writing, it might be a virtual tour.

. Once the right place is selected, they help make the transition easy!

Now…it got even easier for you!

Staging, Real Estate & More, LLC is a one-stop shop company. They will:

. Declutter/Reorganize/Redocorate using your own “stuff”. They may even be able to sell or donate your extra items.

. Market/sell your home

. Suggest movers/packers

Unpack/set up your new home

Just because mom or dad cannot move yet, does not mean you shouldn’t at least start the process so you are ready…when you are ready! Preparation is the key to a successful move and sale. You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are going.

Let us at Staging, Real Estate & More guide you through this process. We are in touch with Senior Living Advisors to put that piece of the puzzle together for you.

Stay safe,

Francine Fields


Associate Broker/Realtor

Delray Beach, Florida